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Japan fears virus spread amid New Year holidays******


A shinkansen bullet train platform at the JR Tokyo Station yesterday is crowded with people heading to their hometowns during the year-end and New Year holidays.。

Japan braced for a feared rebound in coronavirus cases as the highways and airports filled with travelers at the start of New Year's holidays yesterday.。

The governors of the metropolises of Tokyo and Osaka urged residents to keep end-of-year gatherings small, as more cases of the Omicron variant of COVID-19 come to light, including a suspected cluster at an Osaka nursing home.。

Health officials advised travelers to avail themselves of free coronavirus tests before departure, amid fears that an outpouring of city dwellers could spread infections to the countryside.。

"The highest risk is meeting people without taking adequate measures to prevent infection," said Norio Ohmagari, director of the Disease Control and Prevention Center and a top health advisor to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.。

"Also, due to the reports of relatively mild infections caused by the Omicron strain, people are underestimating the risk of corona."

The consecutive New Year's holidays mark one of the busiest travel seasons in Japan. Footage from public broadcaster NHK showed Tokyo's main airports were packed, while public highway data showed a 39-kilometer traffic jam heading southwest of the capital.。

Officials in Osaka confirmed five Omicron cases at a nursing home, believed to be the first cluster of the variant in Japan, Kyodo news agency reported on Tuesday.。

Community transmission of Omicron has been found in eight prefectures so far, according to a Jiji news agency tally. The variant may comprise 90 percent of COVID-19 cases in Osaka by early next month, according to a projection issued on Tuesday by Kyoto University professor Hiroshi Nishiura.。

Concerns that Omicron may be more infectious and evade vaccine protections have prompted Prime Minister Fumio Kishida to accelerate Japan's booster shot program and maintain some of the world's strictest border restrictions.。

New COVID-19 infections have ticked up in recent weeks, reaching 385 nationwide on Tuesday. Even so, serious cases and deaths have been low, aided by a vaccination push that has fully inoculated almost 80 percent of the population.。

Japan has seen just 28 COVID-19-related fatalities in December, on course for the lowest monthly tally since July 2020.。

Yanqing's competition venues for Beijing 2022 fully covered with 5G******

BEIJING, Dec. 17 (Xinhua) -- With less than 50 days away before the Beijing 2022 Olympic Winter Games, full coverage of 5G signals has been in place at the National Sliding Center and the National Alpine Skiing Center.。

The two venues, located in the Yanqing competition zone, are set to host the alpine skiing, bobsleigh, skeleton and luge competitions during the Games.。

According to China Unicom, a leading telecom firm in China and the official telecommunication services partner for the Games, more than 30 5G base stations have been set up at the venues to ensure real-time weather forecast, timing and scoring, as well as media coverage.。

Yang Peng, deputy general manager of the network department of China Unicom Beijing, said that weather conditions play a pivotal role in alpine skiing, making 5G-backed real-time weather data collection for a forecast one of the top priorities for the event.。

"The 5G coverage enables real-time transmission of initial velocity, instantaneous speed and other data of athletes for timing and scoring," said Zhang Jia, director of Winter Olympics Office of China Unicom Beijing.。

Remote medical care can also be empowered by 5G during the Games in case of any injury, Zhang added.。

The 2022 Winter Olympics will open on February 4. Enditem。

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  [据GPS World网站2019年4月9日报道]雷声公司在亚利桑那州尤马海军陆战队航空站首次向美国空军、海军和海军陆战队演示了陆基远征版联合精密进近和着陆系统(JPALS)。这次概念验证活动表明,目前在各种气候条件下引导F-35B着舰的JPALS系统可以重新配置为机动版本,实现在各种机场条件下着陆。




陆基远征版JPALS系统可分装成五个运输箱,装载于小型运输车辆,由C-130运输,或者悬挂在重型运输直升机下。但系统最终配置可以根据各军种的需求决定。这种机动式陆基JPALS占地面积小,90分钟内即可完成安装投入运行。(中国电科20所 魏艳艳)

Legoland Shanghai Resort under construction******

SHANGHAI, Nov. 17 (Xinhua) -- Construction of the Legoland Shanghai Resort kicked off Wednesday and the resort is expected to open in 2024, according to local authorities.。

Covering an area of 318,000 square meters, the resort is located in the Jinshan District of southwestern Shanghai.。

The facility will include eight themed areas covering most of the signature and popular attractions and rides of Legoland Parks around the world.。

The resort will also integrate local cultural elements such as setting up a Monkey-King-themed zone that takes on references from traditional Chinese architectural style and natural landscape.。

With an investment totaling 550 million U.S. dollars, the resort is funded by several parties, including China's state-owned assets.。

"The LEGO brand has increased its presence and contribution in China in the past few years," said Jorgen Vig Knudstorp, executive chairman of the LEGO Brand Group. "We have been thrilled with the positive response the LEGO brand has received in China," he added. Enditem。



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